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Tour Name
02-06-2019Vikings - Beyond the Legend at The Franklin InstituteFebruary
02-11-2019Westminster Dog ShowFebruary
02-23-2019Vikings - Beyond the Legend at The Franklin InstituteFebruary
03-02-2019Philadelphia Flower ShowMarch
03-03-2019Philadelphia Flower ShowMarch
03-04-2019Philadelphia Flower ShowMarch
03-05-2019Philadelphia Flower ShowMarch
03-06-2019Philadelphia Flower ShowMarch
03-07-2019Philadelphia Flower ShowMarch
03-08-2019Philadelphia Flower ShowMarch
03-09-2019Philadelphia Flower ShowMarch
04-27-2019Annapolis and The Naval AcademyApril
09-07-2019Annapolis and The Naval AcademySeptember
02-27-2019Pocono Sleigh RideFebruary
04-27-2019New York Auto ShowApril
05-12-2019Mother’s Day at Longwood GardensMay
06-15-2019St. Michaels, MDJune
09-14-2019St. Michaels, MDSeptember
10-19-2019St. Michaels, MDOctober
05-21-2019Blue Angels in AnnapolisMay
06-22-2019Baltimore Inner Harbor and AquariumJune
07-13-2019Baltimore Inner Harbor and AquariumJuly
07-25-2019Baltimore Inner Harbor and AquariumJuly
08-10-2019Baltimore Inner Harbor and AquariumAugust
09-14-2019Baltimore Inner Harbor and AquariumSeptember
06-08-2019Historic PhiladelphiaJune
09-28-2019Historic PhiladelphiaSeptember
06-28-2019Brewery, Cars and Coal MineJune
08-02-2019Brewery, Cars and Coal MineAugust
06-06-2019Flight 93 Memorial and Raystown LakeJune
10-03-2019Flight 93 Memorial and Raystown LakeOctober
06-05-2019America’s Heritage of FreedomJune
10-02-2019America’s Heritage of FreedomOctober
06-15-2019Adventure Aquarium and Philadelphia ZooJune
07-13-2019Adventure Aquarium and Philadelphia ZooJuly
06-29-2019Day on the BayJune
07-06-2019Tangier IslandJuly
08-03-2019Tangier IslandAugust
08-03-2019Hooper’s Island ExperienceAugust
07-20-2019Assateague Adventure CruiseJuly
07-25-2019Chesapeake Cravings in AnnapolisJuly
07-27-2019Riverboats and RailwaysJuly
08-17-2019Riverboats and RailwaysAugust
10-12-2019Riverboats and RailwaysOctober
07-27-2019New Jersey Festival of BallooningJuly
08-01-2019Seeing Eye Dog Institute and PrincetonAugust
09-08-2019Maryland Seafood FestivalSeptember
09-18-2019Eisenhower Farm and Gettysburg BattlefieldSeptember
02-16-2019New York Winter SpecialsFebruary
03-09-2019New York Winter SpecialsMarch
03-23-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseApril
04-06-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseApril
04-13-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseApril
04-20-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseApril
04-27-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseApril
05-04-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseMay
05-11-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseMay
05-18-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseMay
05-22-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseMay
05-25-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseMay
06-01-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseJune
06-08-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseJune
06-15-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseJune
06-22-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseJune
06-26-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseJune
06-29-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseJune
07-06-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseJuly
07-13-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseJuly
07-20-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseJuly
07-24-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseJuly
07-27-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseJuly
08-03-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseAugust
08-10-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseAugust
08-17-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseAugust
08-24-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseAugust
08-31-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseAugust
09-07-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseSeptember
09-14-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseSeptember
09-21-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseSeptember
09-25-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseSeptember
09-28-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseSeptember
10-05-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseOctober
10-12-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseOctober
10-19-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseOctober
10-26-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseOctober
11-02-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseNovember
11-09-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseNovember
11-16-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseNovember
11-20-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseNovember
11-23-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseNovember
11-30-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseNovember
12-04-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseDecember
12-07-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseDecember
12-11-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseDecember
12-14-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseDecember
12-18-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseDecember
12-21-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseDecember
12-28-2019New York Do-As-You-PleaseDecember
04-20-2019Statue of LibertyApril
05-04-2019Statue of LibertyMay
06-15-2019Statue of LibertyJune
06-26-2019Statue of LibertyJune
06-29-2019Statue of LibertyJune
07-20-2019Statue of LibertyJuly
09-07-2019Statue of LibertySeptember
10-05-2019Statue of LibertyOctober
10-26-2019Statue of LibertyOctober
05-25-2019Brooklyn Bridge TourMay
08-24-2019Brooklyn Bridge TourAugust
03-23-20199/11 Museum TourMarch
05-04-20199/11 Museum TourMay
06-15-20199/11 Museum TourJune
07-13-20199/11 Museum TourJuly
08-10-20199/11 Museum TourAugust
09-14-20199/11 Museum TourSeptember
10-12-20199/11 Museum TourOctober
04-27-2019New York Gourmet ShoppingApril
07-27-2019New York Gourmet ShoppingJuly
08-31-2019New York Gourmet ShoppingAugust
05-11-2019New York Botanical GardensMay
08-03-2019New York Botanical GardensAugust
06-08-2019Book of MormonJune
10-19-2019Book of MormonOctober
05-18-2019King KongMay
06-01-2019Lion KingJune
10-05-2019Lion KingOctober
06-01-2019Pretty WomanJune
10-12-2019Pretty WomanOctober
06-15-2019Phantom of the OperaJune
09-07-2019Phantom of the OperaSeptember
06-22-2019The Band's VisitJune
06-29-2019The Cher ShowJune
04-13-2019World Trade Center Observation TowerApril
05-28-2019World Trade Center Observation TowerMay
06-22-2019World Trade Center Observation TowerJune
07-06-2019World Trade Center Observation TowerJuly
09-21-2019World Trade Center Observation TowerSeptember
10-19-2019World Trade Center Observation TowerOctober
06-01-2019New York Cupcake TourJune
09-28-2019New York Cupcake TourSeptember
04-06-2019New York Sightseeing CruiseApril
06-08-2019New York Sightseeing CruiseJune
07-06-2019Coney Island, New YorkJuly
08-03-2019Coney Island, New YorkAugust
07-07-2019Bronx ZooJuly
08-11-2019Bronx ZooAugust
03-16-2019Washington Kick-OffMarch
03-30-2019Cherry Blossom Time in Washington, DCMarch
04-03-2019Cherry Blossom Time in Washington, DCApril
04-06-2019Cherry Blossom Time in Washington, DCApril
04-20-2019Washington Do-As-You-Please or ZooApril
05-18-2019Washington Do-As-You-Please or ZooMay
06-19-2019Washington Do-As-You-Please or ZooJune
06-22-2019Washington Do-As-You-Please or ZooJune
07-10-2019Washington Do-As-You-Please or ZooJuly
07-27-2019Washington Do-As-You-Please or ZooJuly
08-10-2019Washington Do-As-You-Please or ZooAugust
08-31-2019Washington Do-As-You-Please or ZooAugust
09-21-2019Washington Do-As-You-Please or ZooSeptember
10-05-2019Washington Do-As-You-Please or ZooOctober
10-26-2019Washington Do-As-You-Please or ZooOctober
04-20-2019Museum of the BibleApril
05-18-2019Museum of the BibleMay
07-27-2019Museum of the BibleJuly
08-10-2019Museum of the BibleAugust
09-21-2019Museum of the BibleSeptember
10-26-2019Museum of the BibleOctober
04-27-2019Georgetown House TourApril
05-08-2019Hillwood Estate, National Cathedral and U.S. Botanic GardensMay
12-03-2019Hillwood Estate, National Cathedral and U.S. Botanic GardensDecember
05-11-2019Thunderbirds Air Show at Andrews Air Force BaseMay
05-11-2019Embassy TourMay
05-18-2019Udvar-Hazy Center and National HarborMay
08-03-2019Udvar-Hazy Center and National HarborAugust
05-29-2019Mount Vernon and Potomac River CruiseMay
09-07-2019Mount Vernon and Potomac River CruiseSeptember
06-22-2019Holocaust Museum and Arlington CemeteryJune
08-31-2019Holocaust Museum and Arlington CemeteryAugust
10-05-2019Holocaust Museum and Arlington CemeteryOctober
06-29-2019Old Town Alexandria and Mount VernonJune
09-28-2019Old Town Alexandria and Mount VernonSeptember
07-04-2019Washington, DC 4th of JulyJuly
09-14-2019Colonial Fair at Mt. VernonSeptember
05-05-2019Ocean City, MD SpringfestMay
06-29-2019Cape May At Your LeisureJune
07-20-2019Cape May At Your LeisureJuly
08-24-2019Cape May At Your LeisureAugust
06-19-2019Cape May Ferry and Trolley TourJune
07-17-2019Cape May Ferry and Trolley TourJuly
07-11-2019Cape May Whale and Dolphin WatchJuly
08-01-2019Cape May Whale and Dolphin WatchAugust
07-06-2019Ocean City, MDJuly
07-20-2019Ocean City, MDJuly
08-03-2019Ocean City, MDAugust
07-06-2019Salt Marsh Safari in WildwoodJuly
07-13-2019Atlantic City or Ocean City, NJJuly
07-27-2019Atlantic City or Ocean City, NJJuly
08-17-2019Atlantic City or Ocean City, NJAugust
08-31-2019Atlantic City or Ocean City, NJAugust
09-21-2019Atlantic City or Ocean City, NJSeptember
10-12-2019Atlantic City or Ocean City, NJOctober
07-20-2019Wildwood, NJJuly
08-24-2019Wildwood, NJAugust
07-13-2019Rehoboth Beach and OutletsJuly
08-07-2019Rehoboth Beach and OutletsAugust
08-04-2019Stone Harbor Craft ShowAugust
08-03-2019Cape May Craft Beer and Crab FestivalAugust
08-21-2019Atlantic City Air ShowAugust
09-22-2019Ocean City, MD SunfestSeptember
10-27-2019Rehoboth Beach Sea Witch FestivalOctober
09-21-2019Feast of San Gennaro Little Italy, NYSeptember
09-23-2019Bloomsburg FairSeptember
09-26-2019Culinary Institute and Roosevelt Home at Hyde ParkSeptember
09-15-2019Jim Thorpe Train Ride in the FallSeptember
10-02-2019Grand Canyon of PA and River CruiseOctober
10-02-2019Horseshoe Curve Train Ride and JohnstownOctober
10-05-2019Horseshoe Curve Train Ride and JohnstownOctober
10-04-2019Historic Waterford, VAOctober
10-11-2019Pocono Fall Foliage and Train RideOctober
10-12-2019West Point Military Academy and Hudson River CruiseOctober
10-12-2019Potomac Eagle TrainOctober
10-15-2019PA Grand Canyon and Covered Wagon RideOctober
10-17-2019Great Schooner RaceOctober
10-17-2019Fallingwater and Flight 93 MemorialOctober
10-19-2019Western Maryland Railroad and Fall FoliageOctober
10-30-2019Ghosts of Philadelphia and Eastern State PenitentiaryOctober
11-02-2019Peddler’s Village Apple FestivalNovember
11-20-2019QVC Studios and King of PrussiaNovember
11-19-2019Christmas Odyssey - Byers Choice, Peddler’s Village, and Longwood GardensNovember
11-09-2019New York Radio City Christmas ShowNovember
11-16-2019New York Radio City Christmas ShowNovember
11-20-2019New York Radio City Christmas ShowNovember
11-23-2019New York Radio City Christmas ShowNovember
12-04-2019New York Radio City Christmas ShowDecember
12-07-2019New York Radio City Christmas ShowDecember
12-11-2019New York Radio City Christmas ShowDecember
12-14-2019New York Radio City Christmas ShowDecember
12-18-2019New York Radio City Christmas ShowDecember
12-21-2019New York Radio City Christmas ShowDecember
12-28-2019New York Radio City Christmas ShowDecember
11-18-2019Macy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeNovember
11-30-2019Mount Vernon Candlelight ChristmasNovember
12-05-2019Cape May Victorian ChristmasDecember
12-05-2019“Ice” Show at the National Harbor and Festival of LightsDecember
12-06-2019Longwood Gardens at ChristmasDecember
12-06-2019Christmas Mansions and MoshuluDecember
12-07-2019Dickens of a Christmas in WellsboroDecember
12-08-2019Bethlehem at ChristmasDecember
12-08-2019Handel’s “Messiah” at the National CathedralDecember
12-08-2019Philly Pops Christmas ShowDecember
12-08-2019US Army Band Christmas ConcertDecember
12-12-2019“A Christmas Carol” at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC and the Festival of LightsDecember
12-13-2019Winterthur, Brandywine and Longwood Gardens at ChristmasDecember
12-31-2019New Year’s Eve in Times SquareDecember
06-09-2019Philadelphia Phillies VS Cincinnati RedsJune
07-14-2019Philadelphia Phillies VS Washington NationalsJuly
07-17-2019Philadelphia Phillies VS Los Angeles DodgersJuly
08-14-2019Philadelphia Phillies VS Chicago CubsAugust
08-18-2019Philadelphia Phillies VS San Diego PadresAugust
08-31-2019Philadelphia Phillies VS New York MetsAugust
09-15-2019Philadelphia Phillies VS Boston Red SoxSeptember
06-22-2019New York Yankees VS Houston AstrosJune
07-13-2019New York Yankees VS Toronto Blue JaysJuly
08-17-2019New York Yankees VS Cleveland IndiansAugust
07-07-2019New York Mets VS Philadelphia PhilliesJuly
07-20-2019New York Yankees VS Colorado RockiesJuly