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Tour Name
06-12-2021Atlantic City Casinos
06-12-2021St. Michaels, MDJune
06-19-2021Adventure Aquarium and Philadelphia ZooJuly
06-19-2021Washington Do-As-You-PleaseJune
06-19-2021Holocaust Museum and Arlington CemeteryJune
06-23-2021Washington Do-As-You-PleaseJune
06-23-2021Washington ZooJune
06-26-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseJune
06-26-2021Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum
06-26-2021New York Botanical GardensJune
07-03-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseJuly
07-03-2021Statue of LibertyJuly
07-04-2021Washington, DC 4th of JulyJuly
07-10-2021Tangier IslandJuly
07-10-2021Coney Island, New YorkJuly
07-10-2021Washington Do-As-You-PleaseJuly
07-10-2021Holocaust Museum and Arlington CemeteryJuly
07-11-2021Bronx ZooJuly
07-16-2021Longwood Gardens Fireworks and Fountains
07-17-2021Baltimore Inner Harbor and AquariumJuly
07-17-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseJuly
07-17-20219/11 Museum TourJuly
07-21-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseJuly
07-21-2021Statue of LibertyJuly
07-24-2021Adventure Aquarium and Philadelphia ZooJune
07-24-2021New York Cupcake TourJune
07-24-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseJuly
07-24-2021Washington Do-As-You-PleaseJuly
07-24-2021Washington ZooJuly
07-24-2021Museum of the BibleJuly
07-25-2021Philadelphia Phillies VS Atlanta BravesJuly
07-29-2021Baltimore Inner Harbor and AquariumJuly
07-30-2021Brewery, Cars and Coal MineJune
07-31-2021Riverboats and RailwaysJuly
07-31-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseJuly
07-31-2021World Trade Center Observation TowerJuly
07-31-2021Udvar-Hazy Center and National HarborJuly
08-07-2021Baltimore Inner Harbor and AquariumAugust
08-07-2021Tangier IslandAugust
08-07-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseAugust
08-07-20219/11 Museum TourAugust
08-07-2021Coney Island, New YorkAugust
08-07-2021New York Yankees VS Seattle MarinersAugust
08-08-2021Bronx ZooAugust
08-08-2021Philadelphia Phillies VS New York MetsAugust
08-11-2021Philadelphia Phillies VS Los Angeles DodgersAugust
08-14-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseAugust
08-14-2021Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum
08-14-2021Washington Do-As-You-PleaseAugust
08-14-2021Washington ZooAugust
08-21-2021Adventure Aquarium and Philadelphia ZooAugust
08-21-2021Riverboats and RailwaysAugust
08-21-2021New York Yankees VS Minnesota TwinsAugust
08-28-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseAugust
08-28-2021Statue of LibertyAugust
08-28-2021Washington Do-As-You-PleaseAugust
08-28-2021Holocaust Museum and Arlington CemeteryAugust
08-29-2021Philadelphia Phillies VS Arizona DiamondbacksAugust
09-04-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseSeptember
09-04-2021Statue of LibertySeptember
09-04-2021Washington Do-As-You-PleaseSeptember
09-04-2021Museum of the BibleSeptember
09-11-2021Atlantic City Casinos
09-11-2021Historic PhiladelphiaSeptember
09-11-2021Baltimore Inner Harbor and AquariumSeptember
09-11-2021Mount Vernon and Potomac River CruiseSeptember
09-12-2021Sunday Brunch Cruise and Longwood Gardens
09-12-2021Jim Thorpe Train Ride in the FallSeptember
09-18-2021St. Michaels, MDSeptember
09-18-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseSeptember
09-18-20219/11 Museum TourSeptember
09-18-2021Feast of San Gennaro Little Italy, NYSeptember
09-22-2021Flight 93 Memorial and Quecreek Mine SiteSeptember
09-22-2021Old Town Alexandria and Mount VernonSeptember
09-25-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseSeptember
09-25-2021Bronx ZooSeptember
09-25-2021New York Cupcake TourJuly
09-25-2021Washington Do-As-You-PleaseSeptember
09-25-2021Washington ZooSeptember
09-29-2021Grand Canyon of PA and River CruiseSeptember
10-01-2021Historic Waterford, VAOctober
10-02-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseOctober
10-02-2021Statue of LibertyOctober
10-02-2021Washington Do-As-You-PleaseOctober
10-02-2021Holocaust Museum and Arlington CemeteryOctober
10-06-2021Raystown Lake and Flight 93 MemorialOctober
10-08-2021Pocono Fall Foliage and Train RideOctober
10-09-2021Atlantic City Casinos
10-09-2021Riverboats and RailwaysOctober
10-09-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseOctober
10-09-20219/11 Museum TourOctober
10-09-2021Horseshoe Curve Train Ride and JohnstownOctober
10-13-2021Horseshoe Curve Train Ride and JohnstownOctober
10-16-2021St. Michaels, MDOctober
10-16-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseOctober
10-16-2021Brooklyn Bridge TourOctober
10-16-2021Potomac Eagle TrainOctober
10-16-2021West Point Military Academy and Hudson River CruiseOctober
10-20-2021Grand Canyon of PA and River CruiseOctober
10-20-2021Fallingwater and Flight 93 MemorialOctober
10-23-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseOctober
10-23-2021New York Gourmet ShoppingOctober
10-23-2021Washington Do-As-You-PleaseOctober
10-23-2021Museum of the BibleOctober
10-27-2021Ghosts of Philadelphia and Eastern State PenitentiaryOctober
10-30-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseOctober
11-06-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseNovember
11-06-2021Peddler’s Village Apple FestivalNovember
11-06-2021New York Radio City Christmas ShowNovember
11-13-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseNovember
11-13-2021New York Radio City Christmas ShowNovember
11-17-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseNovember
11-17-2021New York Radio City Christmas ShowNovember
11-20-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseNovember
11-20-2021New York Radio City Christmas ShowNovember
11-25-2021Macy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeNovember
11-27-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseNovember
11-27-2021Mount Vernon Candlelight ChristmasNovember
11-27-2021Mount Vernon Candlelight ChristmasNovember
12-01-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseDecember
12-01-2021New York Radio City Christmas ShowDecember
12-01-2021Christmas Odyssey - Byers Choice, Peddler’s Village, and Longwood GardensDecember
12-03-2021Longwood Gardens at ChristmasDecember
12-04-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseDecember
12-04-2021New York Radio City Christmas ShowDecember
12-05-2021Philly Pops Christmas ShowDecember
12-05-2021Handel’s “Messiah” at the National CathedralDecember
12-05-2021Bethlehem at ChristmasDecember
12-08-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseDecember
12-08-2021New York Radio City Christmas ShowDecember
12-09-2021“A Christmas Carol” at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC and the Festival of LightsDecember
12-10-2021Winterthur, Brandywine and Longwood Gardens at ChristmasDecember
12-10-2021Christmas Mansions and MoshuluDecember
12-11-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseDecember
12-11-2021New York Radio City Christmas ShowDecember
12-15-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseDecember
12-15-2021New York Radio City Christmas ShowDecember
12-18-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseDecember
12-18-2021New York Radio City Christmas ShowDecember
12-22-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseDecember
12-29-2021New York Do-As-You-PleaseDecember
12-29-2021New York Radio City Christmas ShowDecember